L'Oréal Alluria Hair Dye Color 90 g.

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Hair Dye Color 90 g.





Allure is a result of the latest  L'Oreal technology in color, providing longlasting, more vibrant colors and greater coverage of whites.
The L'Oreal technology can now precisely control the rate of  evaporation of ammonia and reduce the peak of sweating and may thus feel less strong smell of ammonia.
Unique Molecular component "G": intense and deep penetration in the hair. Ceramide: repair and replacement of damaged cuticle. Sorbitol: a new agent to dry mixture and maintain the naturalness, flexibility and a constant effect of hydration.
Rich colors, allowing for individualized expression, style, color variation and the formation of layers of moisture and oil.

Package: 60 gr.



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L'Oréal Alluria Hair Dye Color 90 g.

L'Oréal Alluria Hair Dye Color 90 g.