How to Buy

Buy the Salonet is easy, fast and very safe, and sure that you are buying quality products.

Everything works like a normal store, just inside the window displays Our featured products, launches and promotions. Stroll through the store to know in detail our product line by clicking on the images or names of the products.

To buy it, click ADD TO CART button and it will appear in your shopping cart viewed the right, then enter the desired quantity and CONTINUE SHOPPING to add new products.

To effect the purchase, click Checkout and you will be directed to the page to login if already a customer enter your e-mail address and password and click LOGIN, if new customer click CONTINUE to hold your registration.

If however, there is any doubt send a message to speak to us soon to be clear.



The products have the guarantees provided by manufacturers, distributors and importers, and deadlines vary from product to product. Lacking any guidance on the use of your warranty, please contact us.

The professional products are for the exclusive use of people regularly qualified and experienced in handling them and misuse or inability is the responsibility of the buyer, exempting any burden, not fitting any financial compensation, economic, material, moral and legal.


Payment Options

The payment of the amounts of goods and freight matching (see the conditions of "Shipping and Returns") may be made in the following ways:

1. Collect System - On Delivery

The on delivery, or upon receipt of the goods shall be made the payment (goods and freight) for the employee of the carrie.

2. Credit Card by PayPal System

Interational Shipment: We accept payments by PayPal System only.


Privacy & Security

All orders are processed on a secure server and all data is encrypted. Your personal information remains private and will not be sold to any 3rd party.